About us

We are a dynamic Slovak company with a team of experienced and certified experts, which has made great progress in the market for over a decade. We are proud to say we mainly acquire new clients thanks to personal recommendations rather than through commercial and marketing campaigns.

We provide highly professional services and solutions to complex problems based on the thorough analysis and individual requirements of each client. We aim to respond flexibly to the market’s demands and customer‘s needs with optimal pricing and in accordance with development of new technologies.

Our main fields of business are:

IT outsourcing

We provide basic and advanced IT business services, as well as seminars and training, consulting and professional advice. Our specialists analyze your needs, and processes and then we recommend best solutions which we process effectively and reliably.

Language and education development, translations, and interpreting services

The language education section has evolved from tailor-made language teaching to career development and professional training from “soft skill” areas. We provide legal as well as general translation and interpreting services on a wide range of areas. We have executed many language education projects through EU funds, and even for a large number of employees.

Information and Physical Security services

Identity management, privacy securing processes, access management solutions, security and video-surveillance systems are all part of our services’ portfolio.
Recently we have been focusing on security projects based on new Slovak legislation act No.122/2013 on Personal data protection.

Expert witness acts in the field of security and protection of information systems.

We provide all specialized services on information security, audit, consulting and expert witness acts within the Slovak law conditions of Act 382/2004 on Expert witnesses, translators and interpreters.

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